Research works


Project name Duration Funded by


Speech Translation for Vietnamese

2011-2012 National Key Project Completed

Acoustic Modelling of Under-Resourced Languages Exploiting Feature Space Constraints: Vietnamese Case Study

2011-2012 VNU-HCM National Key Project Completed
Voice Server and its applications 2010-2011 DOST
(Ho Chi Minh city)

Video Retrieval Based on Semantic Concepts: Vietnamese Case Study

2009 - 2010 National Key Project


Bioinformatics and its Applications for Repairing Vaccine

2008 - 2010 National key project Completed
Video Based Audio Search 2007 - 2008
Ministry of Science & Technology

Vietnamese Unit Selection Synthesis
2008 - 2009 VNU-HCM National Key Project Completed


Participated Projects

FLaVoR - Flexibel Large Vocabulary Recognition: Incorporating Linguistic Knowledge Sources Through a Modular Recogniser Architecture 2002 - 2006 ESAT, KU-Leuven, Belgium
TC-STAR : Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation 2004 - 2007 EU
ITC-Irst, Italy






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